Why Are ‘Brands’ Turning To Social Media ‘Influencers’?

As many brands realize, the best audience to target for marketing purposes are women, and even more specifically – the mother community. These modern day moms are not what they used to be. Today, in between work, social commitments and taking care of families, their primary focus lies in researching new products and services online. Being addicted to social media, […]

Scary Indian Medical Association Report Shows How Govt Failed India’s Covid Warriors

From pay cuts to FIRs, doctors in India are reeling under the COVID-19 treatment burden and government complacence. The government’s indecisiveness led to a “total paralysis of regular healthcare service in India and severely impacted millions of people who were in dire need of medical services”. On 23 September, Kushal Singh, a 33-year-old physical therapist employed at the Akash Hospital […]