As many brands realize, the best audience to target for marketing purposes are women, and even more specifically – the mother community. These modern day moms are not what they used to be.
Today, in between work, social commitments and taking care of families, their primary focus lies in researching new products and services online. Being addicted to social media, they also share their thoughts and experiences online, leveraging their powerful presence to either make or break a brand.
What Is a Social Media Influencer?
As the name implies, social media influencers are individuals that are very active on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. In addition to having large followings, true influencers have audiences that are highly engaged with their content.
As for the content that social media influencers post, it goes far beyond don’t just posting wild selfies to entertain, maintain and expand their follower base; they use their influence to raise awareness on topics they view as important. Continuing with the modern mom example, they use their social networks to praise the brands that minimize their day-to-day struggles, give them a sense of better safety for their children, or help them improve their quality of life in any way.
While the power of social media influencers lies in the extensive reach of their networks, their vast following is not the only reason to add them to your digital marketing strategy. With only 15% of consumers trusting brand messages in social media, authentic and trusted social media influencers have a much better chance of getting your message out to consumers who are willing to listen to them.
Where Does the Power of Social Media Influencers Come from?
In the digital world of today, some of the big brands, such as Gap, Old Navy, and Dick’s are already utilizing social media influencers to boost their online presence, gain rapport with their consumer base and connect with prospective customers in an authentic way. By posting videos and pictures of the brand’s products, reputable influencers are able to relate to the target demographic and encourage vast networks to follow the brand.
For your business, that can mean millions of impressions, thousands of engagements, and hundreds of followers in literally a matter of days, all while showing an authentic, approachable side to your brand and product.
What Key Traits Define Social Media Influencers?
When searching for an ideal social media influencer for your brand, you need to consider more than just their reach. While their audience size does matter, their actual influence can make or break your campaign:
  • Relevance – the ideal influencer is already creating and sharing valuable content that is in line with your business needs and marketing goals. To win over moms, you need an influencer that is an expert in the family/mom category and is already regarded as a credible source in the field.
  • Reach – in addition to a huge following, an ideal influencer also has to have an established social network; thousands of inactive followers will not do much for your business, while well developed and active networks greatly increases your reach.
  • Resonance – the social media influencers you utilize need to resonate with their audience through high-quality content that speaks to their interests and needs.
Nothing Comes Without a Challange!
Even with apparent advantages of using social media influencers for authentic engagement with your audience, you can’t use just any influencer to promote your brand. If your influencer is not in line with your core objectives or is not conveying the message you want to be associated with your brand, you can ultimately drive customers away.
To avoid these issues and utilize social media influencer marketing to its full potential, you should:
  • Fully understand your objectives. Do you want more impressions, to get your brand or promotion trending across the internet, increase your engagement rates, or all of the above?
  • Choose the right influencers.
  • Learn everything there is to know about your social media audience. Consider working with a digital agency that specialized in your area or audience.
  • Partnering with the right influencer agency can be a great investment and provide your company with a fantastic return. They can help you find influencers that are in line with your business goals and brand’s messages.
  • Develop focused, long-lasting relationships. Make sure that objectives for both your brand and the influencers are met.
  • Create customized, engaging content that resonates with your target audience
  • Expand your reach. Work with various influencers to reach a larger following across multiple social media channels.
  • Track and analyze the results and leave nothing to chance. Monitor your campaign and optimize it in real-time to meet your goals.

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